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  • An electric motor for all vehicles revealed
  • March 21, 2023

The new traction motor from Mahle is particularly small, light and efficient. The lightweight is also a real long-distance runner and can be built without the use of rare earths. In September, the company will present the motor at the IAA Transportation, because the SCT electric motor is suitable for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, construction machinery and tractors.

On the engine side, this paves the way for the replacement of the internal combustion engine in all vehicle classes.

The SCT electric motor is designed to be particularly efficient within a certain speed range. Despite the very compact and lightweight design, its continuous output is over 90 percent of its peak output, according to the company.

This remarkably high ratio means a leap in technology and enables it to be used in all types of electric vehicles. Classic examples are driving an electric truck over mountain passes or repeated sprints in a battery-electric car. These scenarios are inadequate with the electric motors currently available on the market covered.

This resilience is achieved with the new SCT electric motor through the use of integrated oil cooling, which not only makes it robust. Thanks to the cooling, the resulting waste heat can also be used in the vehicle’s overall system. An extremely compact design saves material costs and brings weight advantages: A lighter engine requires less material during production and at the same time increases the possible payload of commercial vehicles.


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