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  • Anna Ermakova distracts herself from Boris Becker prison news
  • August 13, 2022

With salt in her hair and sun on her face ā€“ this is how Anna Ermakova (22) shows herself on Instagram. With a series of sexy bikini pictures, the daughter of ex-tennis pro Boris Becker (54) distracts from her famous father ‘s prison headlines . The 22-year-old is experiencing exactly the opposite of her imprisoned father : freedom and possibly the summer of her life.

In a bright red bikini, the model lolls on the railing of a yacht. In front of a picturesque backdrop, the sun shines on the 22-year-old’s face. And all that Anna supposedly has to ponder is whether she prefers to wear her curls tied up or open. “Salty hair and sunny skies,” reads the caption below the bikini snaps, picking up on previous vacation photos that show the Londoner at a hip beach club.

Anna enjoys her jet set life and her youth to the fullest . Something her father Boris would be only too happy to witness first-hand. But the former tennis pro still has at least a year behind bars ahead of him. Only after he has served his sentence can he go on vacation on luxurious yachts and enjoy life again.

But until then, his daughter will take over. With success. The fans and followers of the 22-year-old visibly enjoy the sight and show their enthusiasm: “The most beautiful pearl in the sea” or “True beauty”.


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