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  • Cathy Hummels has “Got A New” love life
  • March 22, 2023

Cathy Hummels (34) and soccer player Mats Hummels (33) ? That was once! The couple went their separate ways a few months ago. Cathy now seems to take it with humor and jokes in her Instagram story about her current love life, which has actually been rather quiet lately.

Cathy made her little Ludwig (3) probably the greatest joy that one can give a child: a visit to Disney Land in Paris. In an Instagram Story from the mother, her son was seen with a double of superhero Thor, the god of thunder in the Marvel Universe. Cathy allowed herself a little joke and commented on the story with the words: “Yes, I have a new one… Thor” and then added that he was “loving of children and French”. The days at Disneyland were filled with great events, for Ludwig as well as for Cathy herself, as it seems on her Instagram account.

There she posted a series of pictures from her great time in Paris with the caption: “My Ludwig & Me & Mickey. I did it again and kissed … kissed, kissed. At Disneyland, all is right with the world. It’s good for the soul to just have “fun” and joy.” In the article, Cathy and Ludwig can be seen with the figure of Mickey Mouse and in one picture the 34-year-old is snogging the mouse and in the following photo her “Ludi” away. According to the pictures, the excursion seems to have been a complete success and Cathy’s followers are also enthusiastic: “Someone will probably have their childhood dream fulfilled and it was certainly great for the boy,” writes a follower and influencer colleague Adrienne Koleszàr, commenting: ” Looks like fun too, enjoy your time.”

With this caption Cathy sends a strong message to all her fans and followers and even haters on the net. A few weeks ago she came to Teufelskueche because of a photo with her 3-year-old son Ludwig. Only three weeks ago, the 33-year-old mother already posted two photos in which she kisses little Ludwig on the mouth. Many followers of the model got excited about this and gave free rein to their opinions. “Why does everyone have to see this? Such private moments with the child? Always keep the camera on it, ”it said in the comments.

Some followers even went so far as to accuse Cathy of kissing her child on the mouth as abnormal, but the influencer’s loyal fans rushed to the rescue, defending the 34-year-old mother’s decision: “What a wonderful mom and lovingly see her son, her greatest treasure in this world. Don’t listen to these sick lunatics who think, invent, something totally absurd… that’s a waste of energy,” one follower wrote supportively under the post. Motherly love comes in many different forms. With her Disneyland post, Cathy now shows that she doesn’t care about the negative opinions and that she continues to do her thing.


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