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  • Clea-Lacy Juhn separated from Riccardo Basile?
  • August 13, 2022

Clea-Lacy Juhn (31) addresses her fans with thoughtful lines! Since she took part in the bachelor , the life of the influencer has been in the public eye. Since the end of 2019, TV fame has been going through life with Riccardo Basile (30) and she also likes to share her love for the former Let’s Dance participant with her followers online. But currently everything seems to be too much for the pretty brunette. Your fans now even suspect a love-off between Clea-Lacy and Riccardo!

Clea-Lacy shared a video of herself on a boat via Instagram on Friday and said goodbye to a social media break for the time being – after all, she is currently traveling with her family indefinitely. The reason: the former bachelor’s winner wants to escape her everyday life and reflect more in the future. “In the last few weeks […] I’ve noticed that I just have to get out. I’ll listen to my body and soul for the next few weeks and give them what’s good for them,” she wrote in her post, among other things . After these words, many of their followers now suspect that Clea-Lacy and Riccardo could have split up.

“Without Riccardo or did I miss something? Or “The two haven’t been seen together for weeks” , among other things, it is said by concerned users in the comment column under their post. An attentive Instagram user then added that it had been for a long time April will not give any new episodes of their joint podcast “It’s a Matchday”.


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