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  • Indira Weis reveals serious illness “depression”
  • August 13, 2022

Singer Indira Weis (42) certainly took all her courage for this confession : The 42-year-old has suffered from depression since childhood. She reveals this for the first time in her Instagram story.

Indira Weis makes a bitter confession
“I want to share something with you today because a shared sorrow is only a sorrow halved,” Indira begins in her Instagram story and then admits: “I’ve suffered from depression since childhood. It sounds incomprehensible to some who don’t know it. You’re beautiful, you’re smart, you have a special life, you’re admired and yet you don’t feel anything of it except this emptiness and loneliness and the days when you don’t want to wake up anymore.”

“The more famous I became, the more lonely and unhappy I became”

The singer continues: “Depression is a silent, cruel disease. We lack the natural ability to feel happiness. Yes, that’s cruel. Rationally you know you’re fine, but you don’t feel it.”

Even her desire to become famous arose from her depression, reveals Indira. She thought if she was famous, she would be happy. A fallacy, as the singer had to recognize herself, because her fame only made her depression worse: “The more famous I became, the more lonely and unhappy I became.”

Indira is now daring to take the step of making her illness public and would like to show everyone else who is affected: “We are not alone. There are more of us than is admitted!”


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