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  • February 28, 2023

Prince Black Eagle is a member and creative choreographer of multiple award winning

dancehall crew Black Eagles who are the creators and pioneers of New School Dancehall Dance Style. Originally from Jamaica, Prince has toured in Japan in 2018 and in Europe in 2017 – 2022.

Prince has a unique Artistic style that differentiates him from all dancers and is a

supportive teacher who pushes his students to improve themselves even further while sharing and expanding Jamaican Dancehall Culture. Hisclasses always have a lot of energy and positive vibes. You feel the prince’s energy when he dances and it’s magical.

Black Eagles have created some of the most popular dancehall moves such as “fly ova dem ”, “difficult “, “Sick inna mi head” and “Aye Gyal ” to name a few. All the members of the group tour internationally world wide and continue to inspire the younger generation of dancehall.

In 2020 he released the hit track ‘Shelta’, which was an overwhelming success on social media; spawning a dance challenge and helping inspire countless new sources of talent onto the scene. Following it came several EPs, and, most recently, a slick collaboration highlighting female Dancehall artists in the form of his latest music video ‘Wine Up!’.

Prince’s music has proud roots in Jamaican Dancehall, but he is also more than eager to try new mixes of culture into something new; blending his years of personal experience in the ghettos with drops from the work of those he surrounds himself with into an inspired modern fusion that flaunts boundless energy, confidence, and – most importantly – good vibes.

Prince thrives in the opportunities that dance and music presents him, in that it allows him to share and highlight the passion of people and styles from all walks of life. However, despite it all, the journey isn’t over yet – in fact, for Prince, it has just begun.

Even with a staggering legacy of success already tucked under his belt, Prince is always ready to dive back into the studio to sharpen the edge of his dance technique or to create something new and exciting to share with the world – writing his own lyrics, injecting his own unique brand of passion, and doing what he enjoys best: living with the music, and bringing that magic to all those he meets – both in person, and on stage.

So come feel the never-ending celebration that embodies the burning passion of Jamaican culture and its music.

The beat is fine, and Black Prince invites you to dance.

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