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  • Russian defector describes his previous unit that is being investigated for war crimes in Bucha
  • December 14, 2022

Nikita Chibrin claims to have a clear memory of his Russian comrades fleeing after allegedly sexually assaulting two Ukrainian ladies in March while on an operation northwest of Kyiv.

“I watched them fleeing, and afterwards I discovered they were rapists. He continued, “They raped a mother and a daughter. Nikita Chibrin claimed that when their leaders learnt about the rapes, they just shrugged. He claims that although the suspected rapists were beaten, their crimes went unpunished.

Former Soldier from the Russian

Nikita Chibrin, a former soldier from the Russian city of Yakutsk, claims to have been a member of the notorious 64th Separate Guards Motor Rifle Brigade, which is believed to have perpetrated war crimes during an operation in Bucha, Borodianka, and other towns and villages north of Kyiv.

After mass graves containing slain civilians and remains lying in the streets were found after Russian forces withdrew from the Kyiv region, soldiers from Chibrin’s brigade were designated war criminals by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense in April.

According to Chibrin’s military records, Azatbek Omurbekov, the officer in charge of the 64th Separate Guards Motor Rifle Brigade, served as his commander. The European Union and the United Kingdom have imposed sanctions against Omurbekov, also referred to as the “Butcher of Bucha.” The entire brigade has received approval from the United States.

The Kremlin continues to make unfounded accusations that the pictures of dead civilians were manufactured while denying any role in the mass killings.

Speaking to CNN

Speaking to CNN in a country in Europe where he has applied for asylum, he described some of the acts he claims to have seen and heard about, and he said he would be prepared to testify against his group at a worldwide criminal tribunal. He insists that he did not personally conduct any crimes.

He stated, “I didn’t see any murders, but I did see rapists fleeing and being pursued (by higher ranked members of the unit) for rape.

He said, “If someone had a phone, we were free to shoot them.” He asserts that there is little doubt that some of the members of the 64th Separate Guards Motor Rifle Brigade had killed unarmed people.

In Ukraine, the lack of coaching was immediately apparent. He said that the same individuals who had been bragging about being “like Rambo” before they were sent had returned wounded. Those who claimed they’d have no trouble shooting Ukrainians when they return from the front lines were unable to even communicate with me. They witnessed the war, the defeat, the slaughter of their [comrades in arms], and the bodies. They became aware, but they were unable to flee.

Military exercise with the army of Belarus

It was an enormous falsehood. It was a military exercise with the army of Belarus. They also told us lies. Chibrin claimed that he initially refused to go to battle and that on February 24 they just announced that everyone would go to war.

He claimed to have a back problem and had visited a military hospital in Russia before being required to return to Ukraine in May. This time, he was dispatched to eastern Ukraine’s Kharkiv region before spending some time in the woodlands near Izyum.

“As I jump in, I notice that other males are also departing Ukraine. And they claim that because we paid the commander money, we don’t want to [fight the] War (to drive). I wait and wait till the car stops as we get close to the Russian border, the guys leap out, and I follow suit. I then travel to the Russian border and declare that I require medical assistance,” he claimed.

He is even writing an anti-war song since he is now committed to speak out against the things he saw in Ukraine. “Hundreds of lost people’s bodies and hundreds of spirits. “Hundreds of women without kids,” the chorus proclaims.

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