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  • Timothy Boldt & Sharon Berlinghoff move in together
  • March 21, 2023

Since the end of May 2022, the two “Unter Uns” stars Timothy Boldt (plays Ringo) and Sharon Berlinghoff (plays Vivien) have not only been colleagues in public, but also lovers. Now they dare to take the next step and move in together.

The couple has now published a short clip on Instagram in which they walk happily through the still empty rooms of their first apartment together shortly after the keys were handed over. The two dance in love in a large room in the old building with stucco ceilings.

It’s a year of many firsts for Timothy and Sharon. The two recently reported from their first couple trip. To do this, the two traveled to Long Island in the US state of New York during the three-week break from shooting “Unter Uns”.

In any case, the fans are happy that the two let them share their love happiness so openly after their love outing. Let’s see what steps will follow after the shared apartment


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